Full Name
Lielette Calleja
Job Title
All That Counts Pty Limited
In 2017 my firm All That Counts were the Australian winners for Intuit Firm of The Future. I am proud to say that we worked tirelessly to make sure that we are always looking at better ways to improve client experiences around their business numbers and processes.
My working history in the accounting profession has been a diversified one and is a testament to the professional I am today. The impact I have on many different people is due to being exposed to different genres, industries and systems.
I setup All That Counts as a high-level bookkeeping business that provided CFO Management services back when CFO wasn’t even trending in today’s world. I have worked with many start-ups and small businesses to turn them into successful big players as being small does not mean they need to think small. Business owners need someone who not only is a thought leader in the industry but a thought leader for their business.
Speaking at
Breakout Session: Building a Digital Roadmap for your Business
Lielette Calleja